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Polls are now open

Polls are now open for President-Elect of the Greater Louisville Association of Realtors® and will remain open until noon on Tuesday, August 22nd. To cast you vote, go to

Registration is now open for the Commercial Leadership Development Day

Register for the Commercial Leadership Development Day Workshop taking place Sunday, August 13th at the Loews Chicago Hotel. This workshop is open to all attendees who wish to develop or strengthen commercial services. The final registration date is July 21st, 2017, so be sure you sign up by clicking this link.

Data Sharing Changes

We would like to inform you of an important change to our national syndication feature.

For several years, we have allowed members to push their property listings to a number of national websites, including:
While extra exposure on these sites has been a benefit for some members, it has become increasingly problematic:
• After we share your listing data with these partners, we have no control over how the listings are handled. We regularly run into issues where information is being displayed inaccurately, incompletely, or is not being refreshed in a timely manner. Often, when members receive leads from these sites, it's for listings that have already been sold/leased.
• Some partners have been making direct calls or sending email to members – sometimes on purpose, sometimes in error. These communications often ask members to log in to update their listings on the partners' sites, or to learn more about a lead, causing general confusion.
• Some partners have taken to selling placement on these property listings in an attempt to monetize the data, allowing competing agents to pay to have their contact information displayed on another agent's listing.
While your members have always had the ability to opt-out of these sharing arrangements, these recurring issues have grown to outweigh the benefits.

Starting on June 1, we will no longer be pushing member listings in bulk to these national websites. A couple important details:
• This does not affect other syndication arrangements or feeds your group may have in place with other vendors, economic development groups, RPR, etc.
• These partners are contractually obligated to delete all copies of the data we've shared with them by June 1.
Going forward, syndication will be handled by request – giving your group more control over where and how your listings are displayed. If you're interested in continuing to syndicate member listings to one or more of these national websites, we can make your data available to them via our API. Reach out to your Catylist rep for more details.

If you have any questions or concerns about this change, please don't hesitate to reach out. Thank you!

The Catylist Team

Beware of Possible Phishing Attempt

NAR is warning members not to open attachments or click links in an email they may receive that appears to come from NAR but was not sent by the association. The bogus email, which has "Important Updates to Database" as its subject, asks the recipient to open a file described as a list of members. Anybody who receives the message should delete it.

Did You Know? Useful tools about

* You can search listings nationwide. KCREA is part of Catylist, a nationwide marketing and listing platform. Because of this you can search all listings in their nationwide database.

* You can add multiple contacts when completing a transaction. KCREA allows multiple listing brokers and selling brokers to be attached to a single transaction for more complete data.

* You can edit system preferences. By logging in and visiting "My Account" > "My Preferences" you can define property interests, set the frequency of emails, and much more.

* Most recently updated listings are returned first in search results. When you are viewing "My Listings" under "My Account" have you ever seen the button that says "Update All"? Taking a second to select this will automatically push your listings to the top of relevant search results, increasing the exposure of your listings.